Phase 2 HOME&GYM 6 Week Cutting E-book with Online Coaching *One time payment*

Phase 2 HOME&GYM 6 Week Cutting E-book with Online Coaching *One time payment*

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PHASE 2 Home and Gym Cutting E-Book

An exclusive E-book focusing on home&gym upper and lower body training and abs, this program is specifically designed to inform and support men at a beginner to advanced levels of fitness. We will lead you through the most effective application of the main muscle groups that encompass full body training. Whatever your personal goals, this detailed plan will ensure that your efforts to lose weight, tighten up, become shredded.

What’s Included:
• Assigned your own personal online fitness and nutrition coach (this is optional and comes at no extra charge, coach is there only if you need them)
• Support via email and WhatsApp
• Your coach will motivate, monitor and advise you throughout the 6 week plan
• 6 week home and gym workout plan
• 6 week nutrition plan (vegetarian alternatives included)
• 6 week shopping list
• Chest workouts
• Back workouts
• Arm workouts
• Leg Workouts
• Ab Workouts
• Home Workouts
• 1-2 Days at Gym with 1-2 Home Workouts and 1-2 Cardio Days a week
• Plus loads more!

What You’ll Learn:
• The benefits of full body training
• How to build lean muscle and lose fat
• The importance of rest days
• Types of cardio for lower body
• Cardio plan for fat loss

*The plan is an ebook which will be available for immediate download after the checkout and will also be sent to you in email for download. It works on all devices: iphone, ipad, android, computer, mac and tablet. Please make sure you pay using a valid email address. Check spam and junk mail of your email also*

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