Our first physical product!

After changing many peoples perception of fitness, we have decided to take it another step further. By bringing you a best in class product that can enhance your actual workouts. 

Compose Resistance Bands come in different colours to indicate what level of resistance they provide.

Grey - Light resistance

The perfect band for those just starting to do resistance band training, but you’ll find that practitioners across the board still use it.

Pink & Blue - Medium resistance

Not as stretchy as the grey band and overall, they provide a higher level of tension. This makes them a good middle-of-the-road choice, classified as “medium resistance”. You could use your pink & blue band after you feel you’ve graduated from your grey band.

Black - Heavy resistance

The black resistance band are the most difficult bands to use. They are very stiff and do not stretch easily. You should make sure you have built up your strength before you attempt to work with these bands. Because they are so hard to stretch out, black resistance bands are a great choice for experienced lifters that want to enhance their workouts further.